Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place an order through this website?
Certainly!  Contact us to get started!
Do you take custom orders?
Absolutely!  We've taken several custom orders in the past, and we love them!  Please contact us, and we'll do our best to meet your needs.
What is the link to your Etsy Shop?
Our Etsy Shop can be found here.
How do I pay for my order?
We accept various forms of payment.  Payments for purchases made through our Etsy Shop can be processed directly through Etsy.  If you are placing an order through, we accept various forms of payment.  We accept credit cards, checks, and money orders.  Our handmade cards can be processed through our online checkout system, which is run by PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay for your order!  We can send you an email invoice.  Our invoicing system is run through PayPal.  By running our invoicing system through PayPal, Notes by Sherry does not have any access to your credit card information, and this guarantees safe and secure payment.  PayPal accepts major credit cards, bank accounts, and PayPal balances.  Questions?  Contact us for more information.
Checks and money orders must be payable to: Notes by Sherry LLC.  They can be mailed to the following address:
Notes by Sherry LLC
P. O. Box 2561
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
How can I get a status update on my order?

If you would like a status update on your order, simply send us an email!

When do we pay you for an item that we purchase?
Payment is required before we start for a few reasons.  There are three main reasons for this.  The first reason is that we have to pay for the supplies.  The second reason is that, since each item is handmade, we have to do the work before we can ship the items.  Lastly, we have to incur shipping costs.  We can work on an individual basis if you would like us to break down the order so that you can pay at separate times.  Contact us with questions.  We're happy to work with you!

What is your refund policy?
If we haven't started making your items yet, we can cancel your order (or make changes to your order).  Once we've started making your items, we've already devoted time and have used up inventory, so the sale is final and cannot be refunded.  Please contact us with any questions.  We may be able to work with you if you have a specific circumstance you would like us to consider.  Also, you can view our Terms & Conditions here.